Monday, September 05, 2011

Adventure Landing Labor Day 2011

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day!  Here in tinder dry Texas, we woke up to temperatures in the upper 50's and lower 60's for the first time in over six months!  After 2 straight months of 100+ degree days and 85+ degree nights, it was a wonderful change of pace.

Just had a few mundane items I had to take care of today that I hadn't had a chance to do because of the heat, things like clean the garage, make sure the yard was taken care of, things like that, and then it was off to Adventure Landing in Dallas with the girls!

Adventure Landing is quite the experience and if you have not been there, I do recommend going there and having fun.  Three putt putt courses, a go-kart race track, bumper boats, laser tag, batting cages, and a nice arcade really will fit the all day fun bill for those needing an all day place.  As for us, we had Groupons to burn (Thank you Connie!) and the kids wanted to get out in the cooler air.
We started off on the first putt putt course and finished it, with my nine year old (well, she'll be nine later on this month) finishing first.  It was Morgan shooting a 47, me shooting a 51 and Chloe shooting a 53.  After that is was on to the Kart racing.  Now I have to admit a couple of things here.  One, Morgan wanted to do this by herself and two, would I actually fit in one of these little things!?

Disclaimer:  This in NOT me in the picture!
I actually did fit in one, the shortest one they had, and the seat belt actually fit, well barely but it fit.  However, it was a scary moment when I hit the gas pedal full throttle and it didn't move....for about 6 seconds.  Then my little Kart moved and it was off to the races!  Morgan was doing fine in her Kart, and I didn't see Chloe at all.  I later found out she was at the front passing everything in sight!  Morgan lapped me once and I lapped her once.  It was easy lapping me as I was the slowest thing on the track.  (have I mentioned I am fat and probably exceeded the weight limit?)

But then came the really scary moment.  We were pulling into the pit for the end when I looked over to my right and saw Morgan coming in fast and could not stop in time as she hit a wall of tires head on at full speed!  After they let us out of the Karts I found her crying, saying her neck and chest hurt and she wanted to go home.  Well, she had, and still has a nice scrape on the left side of her neck and she's going to have a very nice bruise on her neck and chest, but she shook it off like a big girl.  That and the large size cherry slush drink helped out.

Chloe and I played a second round of putt putt while Morgan rested and kept score and I beat Chloe by two strokes.  Then we played a third round with all of us playing.  We decided not to keep score that round as all three of us were getting tired and after a call from my wife, we had to rush to finish as Chloe had Girl Scouts that evening!

But such as the life I lead and this Labor Day was a good one.  Hope yours was too.

Dad To 2

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