Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Review of Ascent From Darkness: How Satan's Soldier Became God's Warrior by Michael Leehan

Spiritual warfare.  Satanism. 

What do you think of when you hear these phrases?  Do you roll your eyes, or shake your head in disbelief that anyone would believe in that sort of stuff?  Sadly, many people, including a good percentage of those professing faith in Jesus Christ do exactly that when they hear the term spiritual warfare, or Satanism, or anything dealing with the unseen spirit world.

Michael Leehan's book, Ascent From Darkness: How Satan's Soldier Became God's Warrior is a book that most people will unfortunately dismiss as delusional or worse and it is very unfortunate that this will be the majority opinion.  In reading Mr. Leehan's book, which he tells upfront is the true story of his life the reader is presented with a no-nonsense, truthful  look into the real world of spiritual darkness. 

Mr. Leehan begins by telling the reader of his early years, then how he started his descent into Satanism by rejecting God outright and offering his services to Satan.  Throughout Mr. Leehan's book he speaks of his experiences, from how he was called by Satan to disrupt Christ's work on earth, from attempting to disrupt entire churches, small groups as well as  individual believers.  Mr. Leehan pulls no punches in his writing and I firmly believe that every Christian, or everyone professing Christ should read this book.  The book is a very fast paced read and will grip the reader.  The ending of the book should bring everyone who read this book to their feet, cheering God and His Grace.

To those professing Christ, be forewarned; one of the main themes I encountered from reading this book was Mr. Leehan's view of most Christians he encountered.  He viewed most he encountered as lukewarm believers, who cared more for the world than for their faith.  I had to take a very long hard look at my spiritual life and ask forgiveness after reading this book.  I believe most readers will too.

I am highly recommending this book and give it five stars. 

Please note that this book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers for review.  I did not promise nor guarantee in any way a positive review.   This review is mine and mine alone and was not influenced by any outside party.


Michael Leehan said...

Thank you for your review sir....this book is not as much about darkness is it about God's pursuit of each of us...his patience in our lives.....and the theme is: Who are you really in the Lord? Are you really who you say you are? We must examine our lives and ask ourself where we lay our treasure. Where are our hearts? Where is our time spent? Thank you again,

michael leehan

Jim Kimbrough said...

Eric, Thanks for your honest review of Micheal's book. I can give firsthand testimony to many moments in Micheal's life and to the testimony of God's goodness towards him. God Bless you and the readers of your blog.