Friday, April 28, 2006

Gas Prices

Is there anyone who hasn't been hit hard by the current trend in gas prices? After all doesn't it seem like yesterday when the average price for a gallon of gas was around 1.75? Then it jumped to 1.99 a gallon and we all took a collective breath, then exhaled sharply when it jumped to 2.25? Then came Hurricane Katrina and gas went up to over 3.00 for a short period of time?

Now look at the price; is there any end in site? Some are predicting 4 to 5 dollars a gallon by summer's end. I really hope not, and I don't think that it will get quite that high, but I do see it going upwards of 3.50 a gallon, at least here where I live. (Yes, I have seen the pictures of the pump in Beverly Hills, CA set at 4.04 a gallon.) Today I filled up by where I work for 2.76 a gallon. I was quite happy at that price. 'Course I am old enough to remember gas at 75 cents a gallon, but that is a different story.

What I am getting around to is a story I read on the Washington Post web site a couple of days ago. (See the story here )

I showed this story to my wife and she called it a cute story. I think that it shows us in America what are so called "representatives" in the Congress and Senate are really like. The need to practice what they preach. When you read the story, note what the senators in the story are driving or riding in. With the exception of the one Prius, my 10 year old car gets better gas mileage than all of the ones listed.

I think that we should read the story and then email our reps in Washington and let them know what they really feel.

Star Spangled Banner--Bush and I agree

In Spanish??? Are you friggen kidding me? Not only that but they have added to it? For once President Bush has my respect and full support when he answered a reporter's question on the so called spanish version of our National Anthem. Bush said that our National Anthem needs to be sung in English. And, that immigrants who come here need to learn English. (Read the story on CNN here)

To President Bush I say BRAVO!!

A Few Thoughts on May 1

May 1 is fast coming up and I can't wait. Once again, the proponents for ILLEGAL aliens' (immigrants for all of you pc people) rights are joining up with the lunitic fringe to prove that they will show all of us just what exactly America would look like without them...They are not supposed to show up to work, show up to school, avoid all public transportation, avoid all shopping at all...hmmm, sounds like a paradise to me.

Just think, as it was said on Human Events Watch here and other pages on that site, this just might be a day in which we will actually see what it would be like without the law breaking "immigrants" around. You mean that everyone you see in a store might just speak English and not Spanish? Wow! I can live with that.

And the government of Mexico is speaking up and saying that they support this completely. I wonder why. I also wonder why the Mexican government has a wall on it's southern border and patrols it with their military, yet screams like a banshee if the same is suggested for our southern border? I would say that is hypocritical, wouldn't you?

So they don't want to buy "Gringo" on May 1 in Mexico or here in America. Well, I have a great idea. How about we have a full YEAR of "Money in America Stays in America"? During that year, any and ALL, and I do mean AlL money that our Government sends to other countries as foriegn aid stays right here in our country and is not spent on personal pork projects of congressmen and women, but on AMERICANS and AMERICANS Only! Do you think that the rest of the World might scream bloody murder? "Oh where is our money? Why has America abandoned us?" Personally I think it's a great idea.

So let the ILLEGAL Aliens march and disrupt traffic and not spend their money. There was a time when this first started, that I was actually for the amnesty program, allowing some of them to stay here as productive citizens...Now? Now I am sick of the protests, sick of illegal aliens period.

Just what gives them the right to come here illegally, DEMAND rights that are guaranteed to citizens of this country, DEMAND that everyone speaks Spanish to them instead of them learning English, DEMAND that we give them free health care, free education for their children..I could go on and on. What I think now is that we round up everyone of them, deny their children citizenship if they were born here and send every last one of them back to their original countries, then build a FENCE and PATROL it and keep them out. If they want to come here, then let them apply like everyone else does.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Hu in America Part 2

I suppose that even the Vice President needs his sleep...but during a meeting like this, with Hu in the same room? What's funny is that he claimed to be reading his notes....I want to learn how to read with my eyes closed too!!

Hu in Amerca

Well, it seems that the “Harassment Police” surrounding China’s President Hu are back at it again. According to a CNN report (read it here ) a CNN reporter was “thrown out of the welcoming ceremony at Yale” for asking the Chinese President a question about the protestors outside the university. But the “approved in advance” questions were answered by Hu during his speech. So what, we’re going to allow the American press to be treated like the press back in China just because Hu is here visiting our country? We have to resort to pre approved questions submitted in advance instead of allowing reporters to think on their feet and pose tougher questions that a politician may or may not like? Well, welcome to AMERICA Mr. President Hu!

This is lunacy in that our press is now being silenced at events that the Chinese President is attending. But after all, this is at Yale…not exactly a bastion of Conservative ideas and thinking.

So I wonder what is next for the American people who are attending any further meetings or events alongside the Chinese President. Will those people be required to wave Chinese flags and shout accolades for a communist regime? When will the bowing and scraping to the Chinese Government end?

Give me a break…and give us a break. If the Chinese President doesn’t want to answer tough questions, then let him ignore them just like Bush does.

Bush Apologizes to Hu

The recent article on CNN’s website about the lone protester at yesterday’s “Welcome” at the White House to China’s Hu (See Story Here really upsets me.  Why?  I always thought that one of this country’s greatest freedoms was the right to free speech which includes the right to protest.  And Bush decided to apologize for the lone protestor.  Why?  Granted, she apparently used her press access to gain access for this protest, but I wonder if maybe the moment got to her and what she did was spontaneous or was it planned?  But either way, as a citizen of the United States, naturalized or born here, she had the right to protest.  As for the camera operator that tried to silence her by placing his hand over her mouth, I think HE needs to be charged with assault.  He won’t be, but he should.

So she was arrested and will be charged.  And Bush apologizes for what she said.  Maybe He should get a backbone and actually confront Hu about what was said and then some.

I wonder what would have happened to her if she had done this in China.  I don’t think she would be alive today to be honest.  She’d be dead, and who knows, maybe her organs would have been harvested and sold.  

So she protested and Bush apologized….hmmm.  Anyone remember Tiananmen Square?  Anyone think China should apologize for that?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

World Events continue this little autobio on myself, to introduce myself, I want to comment on world events.


    When the war in Iraq first started, I wasn't for it at all, and I wasn't afraid to say it. Don't get me wrong, I am not against our Troops. Many members of my family have served in the military with honor including serving in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. I just did not believe that Bush was telling the truth about WMD's or the Terrorist connections....and a part of me is still not sure. But, we are there, and we need to finish the job. That means that we need to give our troops whatever they need and support them 100%. I still don't think we should have invaded Iraq, esp. with the idiocy of the current Iranian regime and what may need to happen in that arena. That is why I say to Bush and Congress and the American People in general...Let's Finish the job in Iraq and Finish it Quickly!!!


    If you read the above statement on Iraq, then you read what I said about the current Iranian Regime...they are insane and idiots...but they are such that they are in charge of a country that either has nuclear weapons, or are trying their hardest to develop them as soon as possible. That scares the heck out of me to be quite honest. They have a president who might believe that he can or will bring about the appearance of the 12th Imam and the Muslim End Times. There are reports that there are brigades of suicide bombers just waiting....So what do we as America do? That is the big question. I will write more thoughts on this later.

Immigration in America

    Anyone who has seen the news in the last couple of weeks has seen the mass marches of hispanic people, young and old, illegal and legal, demanding rights for illegal workers here in all of those people I have a simple question for you...What part of illegal do you not understand?? If you are an illegal immigrant, then you are in violation of the laws of the very country you snuck into....and you are DEMANDING rights?? I don't think so.
    Personally, I think that worker amnesty is the wrong way of doing this. Bush and Ted Kennedy both agree that amnesty is the best policy...HUH?? Uh, Mr. President? What part of illegal do YOU not understand?
    What is even more funny about this is watching the interviews of the students who protested here in the Dallas area...they didn't have a clue what they were doing there. It was utterly laughable. To them it was all one big party, a day to skip school and joke and play.
    So when it comes to this, I say if they are illegal, send them back to their home country and then erect a real fence on the border and enforce it.

Who I am

Some might look at the links to the right and wonder who I am? You might wonder that I am a very conservative person and there are time when you would be right.

So who am I? I suppose that I am a political enigma. I am a true independent...I think about the issues and the people attached to the issues and then try to make informed decisions about things. There are times when I am very conservative and that makes my wife very happy, considering she is a registered Republican, and then there are times when I tend to be more liberal. It just depends on the issue.

I am a Born Again Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ and as such I do have my conservative beliefs. I am Pro Life. I believe that Abortion is wrong and is nothing more than the murder of innocent babies who were given to the mothers (and the fathers) by God to take care of. I also believe that Marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not saying that I hate homosexuals, because I don't. But I do not condone homosexuality as a lifestyle. I believe that homosexual sex is a sin against God and goes against all that God created.

Setting up the blog

There are some things I dislike doing...I hate yardwork though I have to do it; I hate cleaning, but I still have to do it. And I dislike having to set up a web page from scratch, even though that's part of what I do for a living.

So that is part of what I did today. I started setting up this blog. I needed to do it, had to do it. And since procrastination is a bad habit of mine, I decided that I had just waited far too long and needed to do it.

Here is part of the finished product with more to come.