Friday, April 21, 2006

Hu in Amerca

Well, it seems that the “Harassment Police” surrounding China’s President Hu are back at it again. According to a CNN report (read it here ) a CNN reporter was “thrown out of the welcoming ceremony at Yale” for asking the Chinese President a question about the protestors outside the university. But the “approved in advance” questions were answered by Hu during his speech. So what, we’re going to allow the American press to be treated like the press back in China just because Hu is here visiting our country? We have to resort to pre approved questions submitted in advance instead of allowing reporters to think on their feet and pose tougher questions that a politician may or may not like? Well, welcome to AMERICA Mr. President Hu!

This is lunacy in that our press is now being silenced at events that the Chinese President is attending. But after all, this is at Yale…not exactly a bastion of Conservative ideas and thinking.

So I wonder what is next for the American people who are attending any further meetings or events alongside the Chinese President. Will those people be required to wave Chinese flags and shout accolades for a communist regime? When will the bowing and scraping to the Chinese Government end?

Give me a break…and give us a break. If the Chinese President doesn’t want to answer tough questions, then let him ignore them just like Bush does.

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