Friday, April 28, 2006

Gas Prices

Is there anyone who hasn't been hit hard by the current trend in gas prices? After all doesn't it seem like yesterday when the average price for a gallon of gas was around 1.75? Then it jumped to 1.99 a gallon and we all took a collective breath, then exhaled sharply when it jumped to 2.25? Then came Hurricane Katrina and gas went up to over 3.00 for a short period of time?

Now look at the price; is there any end in site? Some are predicting 4 to 5 dollars a gallon by summer's end. I really hope not, and I don't think that it will get quite that high, but I do see it going upwards of 3.50 a gallon, at least here where I live. (Yes, I have seen the pictures of the pump in Beverly Hills, CA set at 4.04 a gallon.) Today I filled up by where I work for 2.76 a gallon. I was quite happy at that price. 'Course I am old enough to remember gas at 75 cents a gallon, but that is a different story.

What I am getting around to is a story I read on the Washington Post web site a couple of days ago. (See the story here )

I showed this story to my wife and she called it a cute story. I think that it shows us in America what are so called "representatives" in the Congress and Senate are really like. The need to practice what they preach. When you read the story, note what the senators in the story are driving or riding in. With the exception of the one Prius, my 10 year old car gets better gas mileage than all of the ones listed.

I think that we should read the story and then email our reps in Washington and let them know what they really feel.

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