Monday, May 01, 2006

Gas Prices Part 2

I wanted to comment quickly on the responses by the two political parties on high gas prices in our country.

The republican response is to mail out 100$ rebate checks to about 100 million Americans who would qualify for the checks. Note that those who don't qualify are the individuals making 140 thousand plus a year and couples who make more than 220 thousand plus a year. Yeah, I would really think that a single 100 dollar check from the government would not be much help to these Americans. My family doesn't make that much and to be quite honest, 100 bucks isn't really going to help either.

So what do the Republicans believe us to be?

    A: Stupid to actually believe them and take the money and then vote them BACK into office

    B: Prostitues/Whores that can be bought off cheaply.

    C: Ignorant of why the gas prices are so high

    D: Don't Care about anything and that we have short memories

    E: All of the above

To the Republicans, they would love to beieve E. But I have news for them. There are people like me out here that are none of the above...There are people who DO NOT have a price, ARE intelligent enough to know economics, and ARE NOT ignorant of the facts and DO CARE about what happens.

To the Republic Party, I am not a whore whose vote can be bought off for 100 bucks, but an intelligent voter who WILL work to vote your sorry self seeking selves OUT of office. Do you really expect me, and others out there like me to effectively screw us like prostitutes for that 100 dollar check and then thank you profusely for "thinking of us?" Give me a break here people.

To the Democratic Party I say this: at least you have the courage to start thinking in the right direction. The temporary repeal of the federal gas tax for a couple of months would be somewhat helpful. Perhaps you could take that thought and then stop the unnecessary tax breaks on the oil companies away, and allow them to start drilling in ANWAR and off the coast so we would be LESS dependent of Foriegn oil. Perhaps you could start voting as a party to actually think of Greener energy sources instead of lining your local pockets with Unnecessary Pork projects...but that is a different post.

So to the collective House and Senate: Get off your lazy butts and DO SOMETHING for a change that will benefit all of us, and not just certain demographic representations that you wish to target.

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