Monday, May 01, 2006

The Day without Illegal Immigrants Part 2

It has been said that those of us who think like I do, meaning that we really DON'T want to spend over 3000 dollars per family on illegal aliens (see my post below), would really like to see them come here the legal way and be productive members of society and pay taxes, are nothing more than Bigots, xenophobes, or racist people.

Hmmm. Well, if that means that I don't want to support illegal aliens on welfare, or medicare, or free school lunches, that I could spend that 3000 + dollars on my own family and have a darn good time doing it, that I would rather not have people here illegally, demanding to be granted amnesty for breaking the laws of My country, then yes, I guess I am. And Proud of it too. (No, I am not really Politically Correct)

Some of my best friends are Hispanic, their families from one Latin country or another, and they came here Legally. They work, they pay taxes, and they are not a burden to those of us who pay taxes. And they don't like what is going on today either. Believe me they don't. They are more vocal than I am at times. So there you have it. Are those of us who would rather the illegals come here legally and live the American Dream racist, or bigots, or xenophobes? You decide.

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