Friday, May 05, 2006

Rep. Patrick Kennedy and a Double Standard?

After reading the various news accounts about the Patrick Kennedy incident last night is there anyone out there who can honestly say that for whatever reason, he received extream preferential treatment last night. Let's really be honest here...if that had been anyone else, that person would have been given the breathalyzer test, and more than likely, taken into custody for DUI. What happens to Kennedy? Higher ranking capitol police than those at the scene show up, tell the on-scene officers to put up the breathalyzer equipment then drive Kennedy home.

Are you kidding me?

So tell me, what is the big difference here between Kennedy's experience and Cynthia McKinney's experience a few weeks ago? I didn't see the preferential treatment there, did you? Granted, McKinney was a little arrogant in not stopping for the officer when he asked her 3 times to stop, but I believe that she was treated a lot differently than Kennedy was.

So is there a double standard here? I think so.

Appearantly, so does some in the Capitol Police Department.
The Capitol Police statement said an investigation of the crash was still under way.

"Upon review, it has been determined that in the initial stages supervisors employed improper judgment," it said.

"Corrective administrative and personnel action has been taken. The Capitol Police remain committed to impartial and fair enforcement of laws and impartial and fair treatment of all citizens."

So maybe, just maybe, someone finally realized that the incident was handled improperly.

About time.

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