Friday, April 28, 2006

A Few Thoughts on May 1

May 1 is fast coming up and I can't wait. Once again, the proponents for ILLEGAL aliens' (immigrants for all of you pc people) rights are joining up with the lunitic fringe to prove that they will show all of us just what exactly America would look like without them...They are not supposed to show up to work, show up to school, avoid all public transportation, avoid all shopping at all...hmmm, sounds like a paradise to me.

Just think, as it was said on Human Events Watch here and other pages on that site, this just might be a day in which we will actually see what it would be like without the law breaking "immigrants" around. You mean that everyone you see in a store might just speak English and not Spanish? Wow! I can live with that.

And the government of Mexico is speaking up and saying that they support this completely. I wonder why. I also wonder why the Mexican government has a wall on it's southern border and patrols it with their military, yet screams like a banshee if the same is suggested for our southern border? I would say that is hypocritical, wouldn't you?

So they don't want to buy "Gringo" on May 1 in Mexico or here in America. Well, I have a great idea. How about we have a full YEAR of "Money in America Stays in America"? During that year, any and ALL, and I do mean AlL money that our Government sends to other countries as foriegn aid stays right here in our country and is not spent on personal pork projects of congressmen and women, but on AMERICANS and AMERICANS Only! Do you think that the rest of the World might scream bloody murder? "Oh where is our money? Why has America abandoned us?" Personally I think it's a great idea.

So let the ILLEGAL Aliens march and disrupt traffic and not spend their money. There was a time when this first started, that I was actually for the amnesty program, allowing some of them to stay here as productive citizens...Now? Now I am sick of the protests, sick of illegal aliens period.

Just what gives them the right to come here illegally, DEMAND rights that are guaranteed to citizens of this country, DEMAND that everyone speaks Spanish to them instead of them learning English, DEMAND that we give them free health care, free education for their children..I could go on and on. What I think now is that we round up everyone of them, deny their children citizenship if they were born here and send every last one of them back to their original countries, then build a FENCE and PATROL it and keep them out. If they want to come here, then let them apply like everyone else does.

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