Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Review of

As you know, I am writing about family friendly websites and I firmly believe that everyone in the family should have a fun and safe place to go, from the kids to mom to dad. In my first column, I reviewed a very good site for the kids, Yahoo! Kids. For this column I would like to bring the moms aboard and review a very good site for moms I have discovered:

I firmly believe that everyone, except Moms themselves, takes the role of motherhood for granted. When you are sick or injured, usually the first one at your side is your mom. Who plays the role of the chauffeur, maid, cook, nanny, and in some households, secretary and accountant? You guessed it, the mom.

So every now and then Mom needs a break, whether it is a five to ten minute break or longer, but she needs a break. I believe that for those times when she is on break and online she can find solace at

So what exactly is According to the website itself, it is

“an award winning online magazine (winner of the Parenting Journals’ Editor’s Choice award.) delivering uplifting personal essays from real parents - plus practical guidance on parenting, family fun, romance, travel, health & fitness, weight loss, and more. Hundreds of money-saving online coupons and family travel discounts, too.”

I began by simply looking the site over and at first glance, it is very easy to navigate, with links to everything you would like in a website devoted to moms. I looked at the romance link first, just to see what that would be all about and after reading a couple of the articles, I think some of us dads should too! Articles such as “50 Ways to Say I Love You” and “Falling BACK in Love with Your Spouse” were very informative, especially to this dad.

Next I decided to take a look at the online coupons section. After all who does not want to save money? This was a nice find as there were several different categories, with several name brand retail chains, such as Victoria’s Secret and Justice, offering coupons for anyone wishing to click and print. After that it was over to the parenting section. With 11 different categories in parenting, this is a treasure trove of information. As I read some of the articles, I learned a couple of tidbits of information I had not known previously. You will be amazed at the various writers’ knowledge of the subjects in this section.

As my time was limited this day, taking my daughter out fishing, I will let the moms, and dads who venture here look for themselves at the variety of information on this site. You will not be disappointed. I will simply say that as for family safe and friendly, this is really not a kid’s site, but a parent’s site, so in saying that, I would not let my kids on this site. It is not bad, but the subject matter can be a little over the heads of younger viewers. As for parents, especially Moms, I say check it out!

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