Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When Did I Become My Parents?

  I enjoy watching my kids as they grow, but it is with a joy tempered with sadness.  My little girls are not so little anymore and I sometimes step outside myself as I look at my interaction with them.  Especially with my oldest.  She is in that tween state between child and teenager and I can see how she is growing and maturing into her own person. 

 And in growing into her own person, she has developed her own taste in music.  Loud music.  Obnoxious music.  At least to me.  To her it is exciting and new and cool.

Sound familiar?  How many times did your parents or grandparents tell you to turn down your music?  Or as you how you could listen to that stuff?  Or wish that you would listen to music that made sense?

So now I tell her to turn it down and wish she would listen to something that made sense and wasn't obnoxious.

So the vicious cycle has come true.  "You'll understand when you have kids!"  Remember that statement?  I do.  And yes, now I understand.

In this small way I have become my parents.

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