Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Love of A Child On Her Birthday

Yesterday was my youngest daughter's eighth birthday and what a birthday it was!  It started off with a private family only get together that happened in the morning.  We did a present unwrapping for the family.

If you are wondering about the theme here, she wanted items to help her become a magician.  The party theme however had to be Scooby Doo.

Later on that day her Papaw took her to Six Flags Over Texas where she rode as many of the rides as she could squeeze in.

Then we went to Shogun for her birthday dinner.  The Chef who gave us quite a show actually allow Morgan to try her hand at the grill!

Then we did presents again.  The roll of one dollar bills had to be one of her favorites.

Although the pillow pet came in very close.

All in all she had a great day and I was very happy for her.

Now the part I wanted to come to, the reason for this blog post.  My wife has been sick lately and has been putting off going to the doctor.  My youngest daughter looks at her mommy and says, if you go to the doctor now, I'll pay for it, and hands over her roll of one dollar bills. 

Unconditional, unselfish and true agape love as demonstrated by my eight year old daughter.  Did I mention how very proud I am of her?


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