Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Short Letter To My Daughters

I've often wondered why God decided that I should be a dad to the two of you.  There are times when I feel so ill equipped to to deal with the issues you two have to go through on a daily basis.  I still can't braid hair, nor put hair up in a decent ponytail, and me trying to coordinate clothing?  Jeans and t-shirts are the way to go and yes, I see how your eyes roll when I suggest them to you. 

You're both growing up so fast, I simply don't know what to do.  I turn around one day and Chloe, you have developed into a beautiful young lady who is getting noticed by boys.  Morgan, you've just turned eight and I still remember holding you after you left the hospital for the first time.  Where does the time go?

We've gone from "Daddy play Barbie with me?" to "Daddy, help me with my homework." 

Chloe, you are my artist, my poet, my writer.  You are one who will change the world and leave a legacy that will be looked upon by many.  Morgan, you are my athlete, my explorer, my inquisitive one.  You are the one that will excel at whatever you do, no matter what.  You will leave a legacy of your own that will shine as bright as the stars we have looked at at night.

There is an unselfish, innocent love about you both that gives me such hope for this world.  I know that one day that innocence will be gone and you will understand the ways of this world, but I know your love will help make it a better place.  I look into both of your eyes and know that to be true.

There is much much more I can write to you both, but I think I will save those for later.  For right now, I want to end this letter this way.

When I started this first letter to you both, I asked the question, "Why did God give me two daughters to help raise?".  Earlier today, while driving home from the store with Morgan, the sunlight fell on her, outlining her blond hair and bringing her freckles out on her face.  Morgan, you had such a smile on your face the it rivaled the sun for its brilliance.  And earlier in the week, Chloe, you plopped onto my lap and put your head on my shoulder and just stayed there, telling me you loved me.  Both of those moments, and many, many like them answer that.  He gave me both of you as a blessing to me.  I am blessed, privileged and honored to be the dad to the two of you.

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