Monday, July 09, 2012

Listening to Your Body After Being Sleeved

I have several things I "love" to do in life and fishing is one of those, so when I had the chance to go fishing July 4th and then again yesterday, I jumped at the chance.  Having my daughters and Father-in-Law going made the days even better.

Now normally I can fish all day long, in the heat or cold, in rain or sun, but that was when I had a complete stomach and not a sleeve.  I am learning that this is making a huge difference now and is a difference I need to pay attention to and quickly!

July 4th this year in Texas was hot, humid and for those not in the shade, downright miserable.  But for the four of us walking the mile from the truck to the creek bank, climbing down the rocky bank, wading an additional miles up and down the creek bank, it was heaven.  The water is crystal clear and you can see down to the bottom, and the fish are always eager to respond to a well placed lure or worm.  
My Daughters trying to catch a monster white Koi

My Father-in-Law readying a hook

We were all having a great time and then my body decided it was time to start speaking to me.

Speaking to me came in the form of occasionally becoming light headed, becoming very fatigued, and to be very honest I wasn't sure if I would make it back to the truck or not.

After we all got to our respective homes, I decided to weigh myself before I showered and found out I lost over two pounds since my weigh in that morning!

Now, fast forward to yesterday, which was Sunday, July 8th.  Once again, we were out in the heat and humidity, this time with very limited shade, but with a nice breeze and occasional cloudiness.  The other Godsend I had with me was my wife, who does recognize the signals coming from my body better than I do.

We fished out at Lake Texoma for a little over five hours yesterday and at several times I felt worse than drained.  I was to the point that several times I had to sit down as I was light headed, I was fatigued and simply drained.  My wife was the one who bought me the apple juice and Gatorade to help replace the sugars and electrolytes I was losing and then made me sit and eat.  It took a long while after we got home for me to recover.

Once again I weighed when I got home and once again, I had dropped weight.  This time I had dropped almost three pounds!  All of it, I believe, to be water weight.

So right now the moral of the story, and the lesson learned is that I cannot take in what my body is loosing during these times and I am going to have to plan more accordingly. 

My advice to you is to do the same.

Have a great rest of the day!


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