Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Biggest Non Scale Victory So Far

Yesterday marked my first day back at the office since I left for my surgery back on June 18th and I have to say it was very pleasant.  Several co-workers said I looked great and couldn't believe the transformation that had occurred so far with me.  That in itself feels like a NSV (which stands for Non Sleeve Victory) for me, but what followed was the best NSV for me so far!

There were two people who actually did not recognize me!  One I can understand as I worked with her for a while before she moved to another department, but the other person is the CTO and I work with him or see him and speak with him on a daily basis.  He came up to me yesterday adn informed me that he had seen me speaking with a co-worker but didn't know who I was.  It took him three separate times as he looked at me that he finally realized who I was!  He had actually thought I was a new hire, or a consultant.

This very much made my day.

Hope everyone has a great remainder of the day!


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