Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Health Goals

Everyone should have goals in life.  Whatever the category of life you set your goals in, you need to have goals.  Having goals gives you a sense of direction, a sense of purpose, a target to shoot for and I am no different.

I have set and am setting in this post my goals for weight loss and personal fitness. This is not your usual run of the mill goal setting mind you; nor is this the typical New Year's Day resolution type of goal setting.  No, these goals are ones that are now written down, set in (virtual) stone and are goals that I will attain.  Here are the goals I have set for myself.

Weight Loss Goals:
    • To lose enough weight to be at or under 300 pounds.
      • I have achieved this goal already!
    • To lose 100 pounds and become a member of the Century Club.
      • I have a few pounds to go on this one.
    • To lose enough weight to be at or under 250 pounds.
    • To lose enough weight to be at or under 200 pounds
    • To achieve my goal weight of 180 pounds.
Fitness Goals:
    • To start and finish the Couch to 5K program and run my first 5K race.
    • To run a 5K race with my family.
      • Turkey Trot is the first one I want to do.
    • To be able to jog a minimum of 3.5 miles 4 times a week.
    • To be able to bike a minimum of 10 miles 3 times a week.
    • To be able to swim a minimum of 1 mile 3 times a week.
      • After achieving this goal I want to start increasing that distance every month until I can swim 2 to 3 miles at a time.
    •  To be able to start training for my first Sprint Triathlon.
    • To compete in my first Triathlon.
      • Sprint first
      • Olympic second
      • Ironman eventually
Now I know that these are somewhat lofty goals, but I know they are achievable.  I'll start keeping progress on where I am with them here in my blog.  I hope you follow along.

I'll leave you with this:  What are Your goals?  I would love to hear them!

Have a great rest of the day!


Kathryn said...

Eat twice as many veggies and lift "girlie" weights 3 times a week. :)

Thanks for the inspiration!

Sharleen Jernig said...

Goal? Ahh. It’s to eat healthier food I guess, because this past few weeks, I always eat fatty food, which I know can harm my body. I had just started to concentrate in eating fruits, veggies and less of meat. In line with your weight loss goal, I suggest that you attend exercise lessons, such as aerobic dancing. Since it is a dancing work out, it can help you lose weight, as well as build your body muscles for a healthier body. Good luck on your goals!