Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Review of The Tehran Initiative by Joel C. Rosenberg

Iran has the bomb.  The Twelfth Imam, Muhammad Ibn Hasan Ibn Ali has arrived and is in the process of establishing the Caliphate. American leadership is listening to the peace talk of the Twelfth Imam and Israel seems to stand alone against the rising tide.  Welcome to the world of The Tehran Initiative.

With the second book of the trilogy, the first being The Twelfth Imam, Joel C. Rosenberg is showing once again why he is one of the greatest writers of Christian Political Thrillers in our time.

In The Tehran Initiative Rosenberg picks up sixty seconds after the ending of The Twelfth Imam and within the first few chapters the reader is taken on a action packed car chase in Iran, the attempted assassination of the American President, the Egyptian President and the Israeli Prime Minister, and plenty of political intrigue.  If you like action and are intrigued by the inner workings of international politics, then you will love this book!

Action is not the only facet of this story however.  There are very tender moments in Rosenberg's story centering on family and friendship, and there is a healthy dose of faith thrown in.  This book is Christian fiction and as such there are plenty of references to the Christian faith.  I personally am a follower of Christ and welcome the showing of faith in such a refreshing way by Rosenberg.  There are plenty of prophecy references, not only from the Christian perspective, but also from the Muslim perspective.  After reading this book, I can firmly attest that Rosenberg does not denigrate those of the Muslim faith, but instead simply tells it like it is.

Although this book can be read on its own, it is the second book of a trilogy and should be read after reading the first book, The Twelfth Imam.  If you like Tom Clancy, you will love the writing of Joel C. Rosenberg.  I am highly recommending this book to you.

You can hear Rosenberg in his own words here about his book The Tehran Initiative.

(Disclosure:  I did receive an advanced copy of this book from Tyndale to review and made no promises as to the nature of my review.  The posted review is mine and mine alone.)

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