Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Black Wednesday

I had a couple of things I wanted to blog on tonight, but I will put them off until tomorrow. Today was a very hard day for me as four people I work with were laid off from the company I work for.

Now you may not think that laying off four people is that big a deal, but when the company only employs eleven people, it's a significant move and a move that came out of left field. I watched first as one developer, then another, then a vice president, then a manager walk out with an escort. I had to go ask the question "Am I next?" but I was assured that I was "fine" and "Ok" there. After our quick staff meeting, I have to say that I and the others were shell shocked.

So the economy has struck my life in this way and I for one am ready for something to be done. Normally I would not want the socialist thinking that is overcoming Washington, and I am all for freemarket principles, but the economy is tanking and tanking quickly. I will wait and see what Obama and the Democratic controlled Congress does. I only hope they do the right things.

Today was a two edged sword, both good and bad and am glad it is almost over.

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