Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Am Proud Of My Wife

I am blessed to have met and married my wife, Angela. She is a great mother, great cook and has what seems to be almost infinite patience with me and the kids. But I am also proud of her creativity. She is one of those moms that is the one sought out for arts and crafts and projects of that sort. She is the creative one of the family, and it's a good thing that our daughters are taking after her in this aspect.

Well, not only did she do my banner above, she has now sold her first few graphics today to various bloggers. I wanted to tell her publicly that I am proud of her and provide a couple of links to show off her work.

This is the one that started her off today.
Helping Mommys Win

This is one she did for my training blog.
Big Man In Training

Here is one she did for her mother's blog.
The Divot Diva
(look at the banner)

So I just had to say I am proud of my wife.


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