Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Manic Monday Night

Okay so I was excited to have the very first thing I won on a blogger giveaway arrive.

I had entered to win this particular contest, because I thought my youngest daughter would enjoy it.

And for awhile, she did, and so did her big sister.

But eventually my youngest grew bored with the game and it turned into a contest with my oldest as a memory game. A good learning experience that she took as a challenge and I am proud of her for the results.

Then we decided that was enough and we wrestled for a while. Why? Well, my oldest backed her rear end up to me and farted. You have to love the affection in our family. So it turned into a farting contest between me and my two girls, wrestling all the way.

Eventually we all settled down, at the "request" of mommy and my oldest and I sat down and looked at Microsoft's Astronomy application on my laptop.

Then it was bedtime. Another Manic Monday night at my house.

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