Sunday, February 01, 2009

Spiritual Sunday

I have noticed how some bloggers will name the days of the week and stick to a theme for that day. Well, for Sunday's only I will do that as well. I would like to comment on things I have learned from Bible study, sermons I have heard, on so on and so forth. I do promise to keep them as short as possible.

I am currently doing my study on the Book of Proverbs and a very good question was just asked of me by my oldest daughter. Why do I mark up my Bible? Why all the colors? I use several highlighter colors when I mark things in my Bible during study.
  • Blue for things that we are commanded to do, or need to do.
  • Yellow for things that are promised to us.
  • Orange for things that God does, whether to those who follow him, or those who do not.
  • Green for things that we are to avoid altogether, or that people do that God cannot stand.

I explained this to her, and I am not sure she may have understood it or not, but it is my hope and prayer that a seed was planted, that she would start her own study soon.

So tell me, do you mark your own Bible? What colors do you use and why?

Have a blessed day!

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Tom said...

I'm glad you're studying and using a highlighter, that your kids see this clearly, and that you're proclaiming it to all. Keep it going.