Monday, November 19, 2012

Downfalls of Pushing Resistance Training Too Hard -- Possible Injury

I think I have suffered my first injury from training, though I am not quite sure yet.

I had a really good weight lifting session yesterday after church and everything felt good to me.  A tired good but good nonetheless.  Nothing hurt, nothing ached, nothing popped.  I had done a 100 minute resistance circuit training routine, only adding a couple of new exercises to my routine; barbell bent over rows and quadriceps extensions.  Then last night I was stretching and I felt like the right side of my upper back near the shoulder blade had simply caught on fire.  It was very centralized to a small area, but it was one of the sharpest pains I have ever felt.

The black circle is where I feel the pain when it happens.

I believe that I may have partially torn, or pulled my major Rhomboid muscle in that area.  I'm am not going to do any resistance training over the next couple of weeks, which will bug me to no end, but I'm hoping that be resting my body from that exercising, this will give that area time to heal.  I will still run, but weight training is out for at least two weeks, maybe more.

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