Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Persecuted Church

You might notice that I have a new banner on the left side of my blog; a banner that supports the persecuted church, in particular the blog written by bloggers for the Voice of the Martyrs.

We take for granted our freedom to worship as Followers of Christ here in America. I am guilty of that as well. After reading a sample chapter about Iranian Christians living in Iran, I am ashamed of how we take our freedom for granted.

Imagine hiding in a cave to be able to worship God, to sing praises to Christ...that is what has to happen in China at times. Imagine being in church only to have the state police charge in and arrest the pastor taking him away to prison, simply for preaching the Word of God. It has happened in many countries.

From time to time I will be blogging about people and places that concern the Persecuted Church. I hope you will read and think on these posts. For right now, I would urge you to click on the title of this post to go to the Persecuted Blog now and read more.

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