Monday, November 10, 2008

Why I have this blog...A Disclaimer

At one time, I had six blogs that I maintained. One for my religious thoughts, one for politics, and four more for other interests. I have cut it down to three now, and the one you are reading is a combined Politics and Religious blog. I say that because I wanted you, the reader, to understand that when you read this blog, it will be all over the place.

I will talk about Politics. I am a conservative right winger. I don't apologize for that. I voted for McCain and against Obama. Only because of political ideologies.

I will talk about Religion. I am a Born Again Christian who does stumble, but gets back up and moves forward by the Grace of God. I will not ever apologize for my beliefs, nor will I rescind my beliefs.

I will talk about my family, and I will have light hearted posts...I love my family, and though my wife's blog is more of the family information type, I will occasionally do the same thing.

So that is it. I will offend some people, I will have people that agree with me. All in all, I hope that people will think about what is said here, and then let me know, in a polite way, if you disagree or agree with it. If you don't, tell me. But please be respectful. I will delete vulgar, obscene and profanity laced comments.


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