Friday, November 14, 2008

Update On My Youngest Daughter

I wanted to say Thank God and give an update on my youngest daughter's condition. She went to the doctor this morning and had another flu test which came back negative. So YEA! She does not have the flu. She does still have pneumonia, but that is slowly getting under control.

She has totally had a turn around from yesterday. Yesterday her doctor was very close to admitting her to the children's hospital. She had a fever of 103.7, had very shallow breathing, and today, (from hearing from mommy and her pa-paw) she had energy, and played...then had to crash and rest for a while, but I am looking at her even as I type this and she is still full of energy. Now when she coughs, she sounds horrible and is trying to cough up the phlegm, but thank you father for her speedy recovery.

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