Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Last Two Runs: Running Indoors

My last two runs have been what are considered indoor runs, which means I have been running on a treadmill in the gym instead of running my normal routes.  Now considering that I actually enjoy running outdoors, you might wonder why I have run my last two runs on a treadmill.  The main reason has been for convenience.  I ran indoors this past Saturday simply because I had no choice.  I was in San Antonio for family business and I needed two things: I needed to de-stress and I needed to run.  The hotel we were staying at was a very nice one and the machines in the fitness room were first rate.  Here are the details from that run:

Indoor Run on 10/13/2012

Not a bad run, but I was hoping for a longer run.  Usually on Saturdays, I try to run further than the last week, or at least equal what I ran the previous Saturday and on the previous Saturday I ran 5.07 miles.  However, I had both of my daughters with me in the fitness room and with a swimming pool calling to them and the hot tub calling to me, I decided to make sure I got my 5K distance in at least.

Last night's run was again an indoor run by necessity.  Not because of rain or inclement weather, but because of the lateness of the run.  I started my run around 9:50 PM or so and to be honest, I simply didn't feel like running outdoors at that time of night.

Here are the details for last night's run:

Indoor Run on 10/15/2012
So that's it for now on my latest runs.  I'll be posting a little more a little later on today.

Have a great rest of the day!

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